Our Mission

Extended reality wasn’t a thing when we started out, we had always experimented with pushing the boundaries in our professional careers, but now with emerging technology we are limited only by the quality of our ideas. We want to change the world for social good, amplify emerging artists, underrepresented voices and share untold stories. 

To achieve this goal, we use regenerative innovation.  We collaborate from the grass roots up, so that authentic stories engage with purpose, whilst preserving the intangible heritage of our communities in a digitally accessible way.  Our framework for publicly led projects nurture community cohesion and maximise positive change.

Our Values

We approach our collaborations from a trust-based lens. Together we create with the communities we aim to support and the organisations we represent. We have developed our unique framework and systems to foster mutual trust, open communication with an interest in evolving our practice through relationships and listening.

We are a diverse assembly of artists, cultural practitioners and creative technologists from all over the world. We are committed to driving equity and inclusion across all areas of our practice with special focus on a digitally inclusive approach to all our projects to ensure active participation, leadership and creation in the development of creative emerging technologies.

The Cultural Assembly has developed a framework to ensure that all our contributions, cultural practices, audiences and opportunities are delivered sensitively and to policy guidelines. As the digital shift towards AI begins to threaten traditional arts and cultural practices, we value the Intellectual Property of contributors and their stories.  We stand for the fundamental freedom of expression and the ownership economy to connect people to place, culture and tech for social good and a better future for us all.

It is our mission to transform the way we create, consume and dispose of stuff. We are committed to reducing waste, increase recycling and improve resource efficiency. To advert the climate emergency we face, we adopt a circular economy approach and design our experiences for multiple uses, and seek to find more efficient ways to create new ways to enable people to share products and space, minimising wasted resources.

We understand to grow takes a degree of risk, our success depends on lessons learnt and what we do next. We work in a transparent manner and are accountable to all our partners, stakeholders and the communities we impact. We aim to invest in developing our framework, processes, connections and resources to help each other be accountable and ensure that all our projects have the impact we all seek.

Emerging Technology can be a difficult to integrate into practice for creatives who have developed their craft for many years. We aim to create inclusive spaces, where regenerative innovation can take place. Together, we aim to find ways through a framework of different modalities to share ideas, development, risk and experimentation to increase impact, sustainable solutions and active change.

Our aim to share ideas and critical insights to advocate for positive change. This means rethinking and changing behaviour, promoting new ideas that combines the ‘old’ with a potentially better outlook towards our shared future. We use regenerative principles and systems-thinking as the foundation to guide our creative exploration. We reconnect to introspective tools, indigenous knowledge, and conscious decision-making to expand the capacity for change by creating research and developments that nurture new ideas and creativity for all our shared stories.

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