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Remarkable experiences to unlock your imagination and expand your potential.¬† Your next project can leverage the power of tech and creativity to drive revenue, regenerative innovation for social change. What does that means for you? It means you’ve found the perfect creative technology partner to deliver your next project. We empower you to share your story, connect with purpose, and boost your business, whilst promoting publicly led art, live performance and emerging technology for social good.

A Competitive Edge

You can reduce risk and enjoy rapid testing, prototyping and collaboration in your research and development processes. Emerging technologies can seamlessly compliment and speed up your product development process. We support sustainable models to ensure a quicker time to market.

Deeper Connections

Our integrated approach uses storytelling and digital technology, live performance and culture to resonate and engage deeper with your community. We design content that resonates and translates effortlessly to augment live experiences, move audiences, activate locations and promote social impact.

Increase Insights

Bring big data to life, you can explore potential new revenue streams, sell and showcase products and energise your community with an integrated strategy. Our end to end services blends VR & AR technology with your existing campaign to gain more insights for business growth, reducing costs and boosting ROI.

Champions of New Culture

What we do

You project deserves better, longer life span to work for your business smarter. Our services cover a wide range of end to end solutions that promotes a new culture.  To respond to the current industry shift we cover key channels;  LIVE, DIGITAL, PLACE, CONNECT and INSPIRE. We authentically engage driven by community to make the most impact across a variety of industry sectors. Our toolkit provides measurable metrics for growth, increasing engagement, empathy and revenue for your business.  We can transform the ordinary into remarkable moments that matter to all of us.

Connect: Consultancy and Marketing

Need advice on getting started? We can help you step by step.  Our goal is to improve your decision-making, project management and results beyond stakeholder and partner consultation. We offer end to end fully integrated marketing support from ideation to delivery of compelling campaigns, that focuses on breaking new grounds and the bottom line.

Live: Events & Activations

You can expand your event by designing additional digital experiences and tools powered by our partnership.  You can empower, grow and mobilise your community with notifications, broker key collaborations and partnerships and programme remarkable experiences that are digitally enhanced that transform place, boost your brand presence, customer engagement and word of mouth.

Digital: Creative Technology 

Leverage the creative firepower of our diverse talented team of XR designers, developers and designers, to ignite your story unbound by channel. We help you find your own way of adopting emerging technology for your benefit. Our creative technology toolkit and packages offer flexible cost effective solutions that can improve your audience engagement, reach and added revenue for your business

Inspire: Learning & Ideas 

Explore new ideas, methodology and prototypes, from citizen science, research frameworks to AI’s effect on culture. As digital activists on a mission to promote access, equity and inclusion, we offer learning opportunities and workshops to promote digital inclusion, equity and regenerative innovation, so our mission becomes possible, viable and more widespread.

Seeing is believing

NeighbourhoodLeap Title Image
Neigbourhood Leap: AR Art Trail
Screen Shot DM Mock up
Decolonising Memory: Bristol AR Heritage Trail
Yellow coat with AR on screen (1)
Up My Street: AR Festival Experience
Rotations: Live Place Activation

A simple plan

Emerging technology can be a daunting world to dive into. You have found an experienced partner, a rare diverse group of passionate creative   professionals well versed and capable without confusing you with technical jargon.

We are here to help you navigate through the wonderful world of creative technology. As your collaborator together we have the expertise and experience to develop a full spectrum of jaw dropping immersive experiences for you with storytelling and purpose at its core.

Create your dream campaign beyond your imagination and within budget. We’re dedicated to making creative technology more equitable and accessible to all.

We have a 4 step plan to help you take the first step. Find out more about how we work our technical services & toolkit.

Initial Assessment

No pressure. Just a friendly chat to see if your needs align with how we work and best ways to help achieve your goals. (We’ll be honest, no really!)

Discovery Research

Our publicly led approach, adopt a Citizen Science framework to engage through workshops, interviews and sessions to grow and learn from your community.

Solutions Report

We provide you with a formulated customised roadmap that outlines a simple framework to help you reach your business objectives

Project Management

We deliver projects from inception to completion. We work closely with you to ensure your project is carefully managed to maximise outcomes


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