Together we co-create glimpses of a new future that is sustainable, equitable and inclusive.

We provide a variety of custom training courses and workshops that promote digital inclusion and develop creative and tech innovation.

Join us in co-creating a sustainable, equitable, and inclusive future. Through introspection, indigenous wisdom, and conscious decision-making, we craft innovative solutions together.

Lifelong learning,
learning for life

We are changemakers, crafting stories, shaping lives.

In a world of constant change, everything we do has an impact, there is no future date when life will be any simpler. Complexity is here to stay.  Disruption is everything.

We aim to disrupt the limiting silos that shape our thinking. Our knowledge base offers a unique framework packed with learnings from academic research, multi-disciplinary experience that draws on training in integrative arts psychotherapy, design thinking to creative techniques developed by Augusto Boal, to empower people with a collective vision.

Unlock the cultural traditions, knowledge, and capital within your community to infuse your project with purpose. Let’s shape the future together.

Popular Services

Public Participation

Our unique framework and modality, adopts citizen science and catalyst approach to promote community cohesion

Workshops and Training

Our workshops, webinars and learning sessions explore new concepts to support our core services


As experts, we help you plan, develop your strategy and techniques with our unique method of public participation

Research and Development

We use the power of collaborative research and development to drive innovation and meaningful change

Public Speaking

Connecting people to new ideas, musings and industry trends, we offer public speaking at relevant industry events

Knowledge Share

We reimagine new ways to actively share skills and knowledge, with our mentorship support programme for creatives

Ready to make a change?

We’ve got the reputation, technical and innovative spirit for your success.

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