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We design hybrid experiences that disrupts perceptions and bridge physical and digital worlds, transforming the way we engage with people, technology and places for social good.

We collaborate with you to develop a full spectrum of jaw dropping experiences with storytelling at its core. Our collective of professionals, creatives and technologists are pioneers of the digital landscape transforming spaces, activating places and designing immersive stories with culture, multidisciplinary arts and emerging technology (XR) to make remarkable moments that matter to all of us.


Our 360 degree disruptive approach uses digital technology to create impactful immersive stories that translate seamlessly into experiences that uses emerging technology that engage audiences, activate locations and promote social impact.


We use effective frameworks and methodologies, like design thinking and citizen science to engage communities, address digital inclusion to share different stories. Our disruptive approach explores more publicly sustainable models that respond to local needs.


Regenerative innovation and a person centred approach drive meaningful change that powers social good. We put people first and have a team of expert facilitators that promote equity in technology and digital inclusion from the grass roots.

Popular Services

Consultancy and Training

From place insights, visioning and strategy, active participation to marketing, we can help you prioritise outcomes, bring data to life and harness captivating insights that will improve your decision-making. Beyond stakeholder and partner consultation, we design and run compelling immersive campaign that generate powerful ideas for maximum social impact.

Experiential Place Activation

We design and deliver strategic immersive activations, events and creative placemaking campaigns that make a measurable impact on communities and customer experience. We broker cultural collaborations and partnerships to forge innovative hybrid experiences where our publicly led methodology drives authentic engagement, customer insights, data flows and ROI, to build leaner strategies for an evolving market.

XR Experience Design

We leverage the creative firepower of our diverse talented team of XR designers, developers, designers, live performance, artists and filmmakers, to ignite your story unbound by channel. We help you find your own way of adopting emerging technology for your benefit. Our experiences range from cultural placemaking and experiential activations to immersive performances, AR city trails and interactive walls. Our bespoke approach and creative technology toolkit is a flexible solution that can provide richer customer insight and drive business growth.

R&D and Prototyping

We collaborate closely with your teams exploring ideas, using design thinking methodology and over the course of a number of sprints to create concepts and prototypes that can be tested with your target market to produce new experiences. Our team of creatives and developers take great joy in solving practical problems and bringing cutting-edge technology to life in meaningful and significant ways.

“Innovation is not the result of chance, it's the result of action. It's not a thing to wait for, it's a thing to do”.

Kwesi Johnson, Creative Director - The Cultural Assembly

Clients & Collaborations

Some world class brands we’ve worked with.

Our Toolkit

Motion Capture  

We design and deliver motion capture assets so creators can transform their ideas and digital projects into 2D and 3D animation and design. 

Augmented & Virtual Reality

We design XR experiences using Web AR and XR apps, including cultural heritage, placemaking and brand identity that inspires innovative ways to explore our world.


Start to finish NFT’s services that make it easy to generate, create smart contracts and mint your NFT creations so you can create at scale.


As Metaverse architects we design remarkable and adaptive worlds where anything is possible, engaging communities like never before.


As Metaverse architects we design remarkable and adaptive worlds where anything is possible, engaging communities like never before.

360′ Film & Interactive Screens

Our walls are high resolution responsive screens that add interactivity to our projection mapping and video installation solutions.

Immersive Events

Our expertise in storytelling,  immersive placemaking and site specific live performance  underpins our digital toolkit for maximum connection.

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