What we do

The Cultural Assembly are change makers

We help raise public awareness of new ideas, places, products and practice by engaging local communities through collaborative participation and events.

We have worked with businesses and individuals in advertising, education, entertainment, entrepreneurship, marketing, media and technology start-ups. We help grass roots groups to large organisations, embrace a more sustainable approach to reaching their goals developing authentic customer-focused solutions tailored to the bespoke needs of the audiences you want to reach.


We repurpose empty spaces and adopt a sustainable circular economy approach to our projects. We reduce wasted space, resources, time, materials and use knowledge and local people to help reactivate spaces that serve a purpose and respond to local needs


Communities inform everything we do. From the culturally curious, to creatives and companies who seek a place to grow. We have access to a global community of visionary, highly motivated thinkers and doers, from unknowns to well-knowns.


Our 360 degree disruptive approach uses digital technology to create impactful immersive experiences that introduces cutting edge futuristic technology to activate audiences, create dialogue and stimulate new ways of thinking.

The Cultural Assembly

Placing culture at the heart of social change.

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