Who are The Cultural Assembly?

We are immersive experience designers who have the creative flair and expertise to seamlessly blend the arts, live performance with extended reality (XR) to make immersive hybrid experiences.

As successful creatives with over 30 years combined in the creative industries, extended reality wasn’t a thing when we started out. We had always experimented with pushing the boundaries, now, with emerging technology we are limited only by the quality of our ideas.

We are passionate about the power of stories and champion equity and digital inclusivity. We are committed to working towards a more diverse tech landscape.

To achieve this goal, we nurture new artists and  collaborate from the grass roots, so that our projects authentically engage with the communities we represent.  Our publicly led campaigns nurture community cohesion and maximise social impact.

We have collaborated with businesses and individuals in a variety of ways,  from dynamic augmented reality city trails, to site specific entertainment and live performance. 

We deliver 360 marketing solutions that provide higher empathy and engagement metrics, data capture and analysis than standard campaigns, whilst ensuring best industry practice and strong ROI.


We repurpose empty spaces and adopt a sustainable circular economy approach to our projects. We reduce wasted space, resources, time, materials and use knowledge and local people to help reactivate spaces that serve a purpose and respond to local needs.


People inform everything we do. From the culturally curious, to creatives and companies who seek a place to grow. We have access to a global community of visionary, highly motivated artists, thinkers and doers, from unknowns to well-knowns.

Creative Technology

Our 360 degree disruptive approach uses extended reality and live performance to create impactful immersive experiences that introduces cutting edge experiences to activate audiences, create dialogue and stimulate new ways of thinking.

The Cultural Assembly

Placing culture at the heart of social change.

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