Project Management

We provide dedicated cultural agents to support every aspect of the place experience and foster an outstanding community. We work collaboratively with clients from architects to local agencies and help teams to communicate their place vision; define the experience and value of public spaces; and create customised models of place governance and management to support the development of thriving communities.

Place Activation

We design and deliver strategic place activations, events and creative campaigning that make a measurable impact on communities and customer experience. We design activation strategies for emerging properties to help transition them from where they are now, to where they need to be. We understand the complexity of activating sites that are under construction or re-development and have pioneered an approach that enable space to help transform the communities they serve from before your project starts throughout the project lifecycle.

Consultancy & Education

From place insights, visioning and strategy, learning, active participation and social prescription to marketing, engagement, partnerships and digital; we make places work harder for you. We have a passion for places. We can help you uncover captivating insights that will greatly improve your decision-making. Beyond stakeholder and partner consultation, we design and run compelling community engagement activities that address gaps in communities where there is need and generate powerful ideas to support the areas growth.

How we do it

Each of our projects harnesses cultural intelligence in unconventional ways. Our work explores new ideas of engagement and provides quality solutions to measure, record and understand the challenges that communities and business face.

We create value and maintain relevance for our clients because we endeavour to truly understand the communities we work with, who they are and what influences their actions.

We nurture community partnerships, diversity and inclusivity with our clients to help their organisation grow and increase customer engagement and your brand awareness.

We work with you at every stage of your project. We plan and evaluate your project before we create a bespoke strategy of implementation, managing delivery to the highest standards.

The Cultural Assembly

Placing culture at the heart of social change.

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