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We simplify sourcing Real Estate with particular focus on innovation. We are on a mission to provide a professional bespoke service that is transparent, efficient and ethical, by harnessing the power of Web3 technology to make investing overseas easier. We are committed to more socially sustainable projects that have a lasting positive impact on the places you invest in and the people who live there.

Invest With Purpose And Unlock Sustainable Wealth


Our bespoke solutions make Real Estate ethical, sustainable and socially responsible.


Our research team use proprietary data and local insights to provide deep research to spot hidden investment opportunities. We employ a framework to validate our findings and work sensitively with communities to the right investment at the right price to maximise ROI on your project. 


We work with you to define a personalised operating model and structure a vehicle that suits your risk to return profile and long term goals for your acquisition. We deliver insights and ensure accountability and  sustainable practices throughout the project life cycle.


Our bespoke sourcing service is an professional network of agents local dedicated to find the right deal for you.  We offer remote viewings via 360 film, AR portals or live streamed by appointment. We can quickly secure and acquire assets with fractional ownership using Web 3 solutions .




Featured Properties

Our superpower is our ability to source Real Estate with local community insights, creativity and technical innovation.

Mafia Island

Size: 12 Acres

Price: $ price on application

The plot is 12 acres of beach side land, with a 76 years lease left from a 99 leasehold. It is titled, designated for tourism. The plot has 300 meters of private beach that includes a lagoon nearby. There is a naturally formed fresh water pool located there even when the tide is out. Ideal for mooring boats. There are around 200 coconut trees on the property and it is on the north west side of the island where one can see Thanda Island in the distance. NB: The plot is not on the marine reserve side of the island.


Size: 1885 Sq. Metres

Price: $250,000 USD

Currently operating as a mixed use holiday and long term lets.

The land is leased for 10 more years and the buildings are owned by the business.

The owner wishes to sell  the business, as part of their exit strategy.


Size: 40 Acres

Price: $3 Million

Dev costs: $117 million

GDV: $416 Million

Family owned. Family have relocated to Rwanda have no finance to develop the plot.

The site has to potential for mixed use development. A resort, residential, commercial and recreational and only 45 mins from Dar es Salaam could make this an amazing destination, like nothing  Tanzania has seen.


The owners are looking to raise capital investment from 500,000USD to build nine eco dwellings on 1 acre of land.
An Investment pack is available upon request.


Size: 1050 Sq. Metres

Dev Costs: $812,000

Price: Negotiable

GDV: $1,000,000

This is a Joint Venture . The owner is a motivated seller. They are open to offers, selling the plot or clearing the unfinished dwelling to build 4 blocks of three floors of 2,3 bed apartments with one for to the owner to retain.

Exisisting building has 7 rooms over2 floors

Located one row away from Mackunduchi Beach, I have n for whale and dolphin watchers just off the coast.

Dar es Salaam

Size: 2168 Sq. Metres

Price: $120.000 USD

GDV: £16 Million

Dev costs £4.2 million

The owner requires £95,000 as a deposit and 30% of the end value transferred to his ownership in the shape of the developed real estate. 
There is potential to build 5 blocks of 2/3 bed apartments up to 10 floors. The plot will be jointly owned by the investor and the owner.
Contact us for further details.


Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam

Size: 3898 Sq. Metres

Price: $2 million USD (non negotiable)

Dev costs $8 million

GDV: $28 Million

Situated behind the famous shopping landmark Dar Free Market in the centre of Dar es Salaam, this is a large plot of land ready for development. The plot is in the very desirable area of Oyster Bay, one of the most expensive in the whole of East Africa. It is accessible by a residential tarmac road.


Our Mission

We know that sourcing property and investments remotely can be frustrating and extremely time consuming. As entrepreneurs on the ground, we see and create opportunities that others don’t, we can achieve your goals quickly with a level of intensity, professionalism and commitment to achieve you goals.

‚ÄčAt The Assembly we are driven by vital elements that make great business; Trust, transparency and accountability. We are on the persistent search for motivated sellers, buyers and solid investment opportunities.¬†

We offer remote selling tools and a variety of acquisition models that are uniquely powered by innovation. We offer 360 AR portal and live streamed viewings as well as utilising a Web3 framework to enable overseas investment through fractional ownership. 

Our expert team of creative property sourcers, marketers, brokers and legal team are here to ensure deals are mutually advantageous and resilient investments for future growth. 

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We offer unparalleled advantages investing equitably, that deliver superior returns.


We offer a bespoke personalised service so you get the right successful investment solution.


Integrity and trust is the essence of our business. This principle underpins everything we do 


We use traditional business models and innovative solutions to secure  transactions that serve you better

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