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Let’s get you noticed!

We design Immersive experiences that transform people and places from where they are to where they dare to dream.

Working with us delivers exceptional results

Stay one step ahead

Harness the competitive edge with our expertise and the assembly of accomplished artists to drive product improvement and innovation through R&D.

Strengthen your brand

Your story is everything, we collaboratively design richer experiences that identify, measure and activate your own community.

Technology for good

Use creative technology to go further, raise empathy with your cause, encourage positive action to tackle important issues that work

Got a great idea…so what’s holding you back?

It’s not easy to keep in step with the rapid pace of change and technology, but your future depends on what you do now.

The truth is, timing is everything, the possibilities are endless in the new frontiers of creative technology, but understanding and acting on what to do or where to start that can be daunting.  You may be concerned about:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities
  • Worried your company is falling behind
  • Don’t know what best method or tools to use
  • R&D resulting in risk and zero ROI

‘Our purpose is to empower our clients and people not just to consume but to create and make lasting social impact.’

We get it – It’s hard to stand out and make an impact.

Lately business is changing so fast, it’s important to develop authentic purpose – driven engagement to grow your own loyal community.

Audiences have changed, they are astute and can smell a stale message or a false tagline a mile away. It’s time to authentically engage and raise your game but how?

We know it’s hard to find unbiased advice, that’s why we offer you independent vendor-agnostic guidance, collaborative planning services to ensure the successful delivery and launch of your project

Some clients we have worked with..

Taking immersive storytelling to the next level

When it comes to how we work with clients, it’s more than simply fulfilling the brief. We stay ahead of the curve, so we know the latest tools and unique R&D and project methodology to create innovative solutions that exceed expectations. We leave nothing to chance.

Ready to turn your vision into reality? It’s simple..

Initial Assessment - Schedule a call

No pressure. We’ll just see if your needs align with how we can help you achieve your goals. (We’ll be honest, no really!)

Discovery Report

We conduct interviews, workshops and discovery sessions in order to define the objectives you need to succeed. We offer discovery packages for businesses of all sizes and mitigate risk by adopting a person centred approach.

Solutions Report

Detailed Roadmap to help you reach your objectives with your project.

Project Management and Delivery

We deliver projects from inception to completion. We work closely with clients to achieve the best possible project. All our projects are carefully managed to maximise budgets.

We are changemakers

The Cultural Assembly nurture a field of ideas to create jaw dropping immersive experiences. Our studio of diverse multi-skilled digital disruptors, artists, performers and creative technologists focused on creating site specific hybrid immersive experiences with social impact at its core.

We specialise in harnessing the arts, immersive technology and purpose to guide our clients, communities and the space we all inhabit to change minds from where they are now, to where we dare to dream.


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The Cultural Assembly

Placing culture at the heart of social change.

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