Need a space to unleash your creativity or rekindle your creative flames?

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the space

If you’re a creative practitioner, a business that needs new ideas to grow or a member of the public who is culturally curious and you need space for events, workshops or rehearsals.

We’ve got a pop up events space where creativity, business and the community come together to build a self sustainable space.

You have the opportunity to have the space at zero or low cost in return for your contribution of practical skills, like DIY, logo design, sound or vision skills or anything else that could help us build the profile and the facilities in the space.

We are in Southend on Sea 50 mins by train from Liverpool Street or Tower Hill. We are programming the space now and as it’s an audience led space you get to decide what goes on there and you get your chance to try your ideas out.

If you’re not sure how, don’t worry we have over 20 years of experience on putting events on and marketing them, so we can help you. We want you to unleash your creativity so get in touch via our email info (at)