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People – Places – Passion

The Cultural Assembly work with Creatives, Producers, Organisations and Companies who want to grow. We have access to a global community of visionary, highly motivated, creative thinkers and doers, from unknowns to well-knowns. We do things differently, we adopt a circular economy approach to our projects underpinned by reducing wasted resources, such as time, space, materials and knowledge.  In particular The Cultural Assembly employs digital technology to support transparency and feedback driven intelligence. Each project harnesses cultural intelligence in unconventional ways. Our work explores new ideas of engagement and provides quality solutions to measure, record and understand the challenges that communities and business face.

Consultation and Innovation

We can help you make sense of the different people that make up your customers. We find out what they like and what they are like. When you are armed with an understanding of what matters to them you can begin to find your niche and the people you might be missing. Our Innovation Labs aim to help business, organisations and independent artists grow their business, build their teams, collaborate and engage. Through knowledge sharing, research and resource creation based on best practices and the wider collective experience of The Cultural Assembly consultants.

Creative Campaigning

That’s marketing with a cause. We make places out of spaces and nurture the ideas of people who live local to them. We can get your message through the right channels. Whilst you can focus on how to connect with the people who love what you have to offer. We know how to maximise your reach from using new technologies to old fashioned word of mouth. 

Learning and Participation

We have been working in partnership with schools for over 20 years and pride ourselves in selecting the highest quality DBS screened artists of all disciplines. We offer experiential learning, reinforcing the national curriculum and bringing learning to life beyond the classroom, providing an opportunity for social integration, academic achievement, and creative expression.

Workshops and Social Prescription

Our workshops are for people who wish to explore and develop their creative self. As members of the new NHS Alliance, The Cultural Assembly are dedicated to the practice of health creation through art practice, we collaborate with organisations that make a positive difference to people’s health and wellbeing and enable people- led projects that improve lives, promote culture and positively impact our shared environment.

Community Projects 

We use the arts as a catalyst to explore marginalized narratives to help communities better understand each other. We deliver projects that respond to community needs. Using the power of creativity we connect people and help them to make sense of their changing environment. We work with a range of Community Organisations partners from Dance East, Thurrock Council, The Olympic Conference, Bristol City Council, Kent and Medway Council as well as international commissions.

Event Delivery 

We believe diversity and inclusiveness makes where we live great, vibrant places to live.To make things happen we have fantastic suppliers and a great in-house team. We plan logistics, design spaces and provide unique experiences that will be remembered. Our team of experienced Creative Producers are there to make our projects come to life and achieve the desired results increasing sustainability and relevance.

The Cultural Assembly

Placing culture at the heart of social change.

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