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Hip Hop Theatre Workshops – Book Now, Click Here

Interested in Hip Hop Culture, theatre or film?

Hip Hop House is for young people that have something to say about their world and want to share it.

The massive Broadway hit, Hamilton, is the best known example of Hip Hop Theatre, but there’s so many ways to tell your own stories combining the creative elements of Hip Hop culture (rap/spoken word, Breakin’, other Street Dances, Graffiti, Beatboxing and DJing).

You don’t need any previous experience and the course is led by Hip Hop Theatre pioneer Kwesi Johnson with 3 live streamed workshops from pioneers in Cape Town, New York and Fort Worth.

You will learn how to create Hip Hop theatre for the stage, outdoors and on film. Expect down to earth stories created by you about the things that is important to you and your generation.

Early Bird discounts available.

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Some examples of Hip Hop Theatre it can be anything you want it to be as long as you’re incorporating elements of Hip Hop Culture

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