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The Cultural Assembly initiatives includes activating places, spaces and people.

3rd Space Projects

3rd Spaces are sustainable repurposed empty spaces that we activate in key locations. It is a creative collaborative project that empowers the public to engage with their communities and forge new creative event spaces outside home or work. We develop relationships, local collaborations, and programme cultural experiences that empower local people. The spaces promote sociability, accessibility, togetherness and wellbeing, whilst responding to the needs of the community and signposting other local services.


Our aim is to create engaging and memorable experiences worth talking about. We recruit our creative talent from a local pool of creatives the 3rd Space serve so that local people benefit from our place activations. 


In turn this helps us develop grassroots authentic engagements and develop strategies that truly reflect and connect with the community we serve. Our 3rd Space projects help revive areas and local high streets by building a sense of ownership and safe spaces that anchor strong communities. 



Creatives can:

The Community can:

Business can:

Start ups can also hire the space on a daily bases to test their new products

Kwesi Johnson, Creative Director of The Cultural Assembly says:

‘We want the community to unleash their creative genius  so they can feel proud of our high street again.  The future of the high street and shopping centres is not in retail alone.  We directly engage with the public by creating visceral experiences that are in non-traditional spaces.  Our new event pop up space creates more reasons for people to want to come into town, which in turn improves the local economy’.

(Working Art: The dancefloor in the space was created by Bristol based artist ‘Paris’, he created stage sets for Coldplay and our tour of Rotations)

This exciting project, emphasises the importance of developing a space where so many interesting and talented creatives from the local area and across the UK can showcase their work together. It acts as a creative hub and open space to share ideas, promoting the aims of the Cultural Assembly.  

Gee Sinha, Director of ReSpace states:

‘It’s an exciting opportunity to be part of a breakthrough project like this and to be working amongst such a strong collective of creatives. It’s an opportunity to spearhead a sustainable creative movement in Southend in the intimacy of a self-determined space where creatives and the public collaborate together’.

If you’d like to find out more, or feel you have something to contribute to the space, get in touch with us below or find out what’s been happening

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